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Waking up Invigorated

Good morning! I woke up and washed my face with my maca root beauty bar, this weeks face treatment and this morning I have started using Ichor Body Butter Scrub! Ichor is a super rich coffee scrub that is made with Cacao, Shea, Cocoa, Coconut butters and Vanilla Chestnut fragrance. It has a mild coffeeContinue reading “Waking up Invigorated”

Bedtime Srcub

Skin Deep is this evenings body butter scrub and bath soak. When you scrub this all over it creates this amazing bath soak and because I added soap to my scrubs it makes a nice light bubble bath.Perfect way to end this beautiful day. Made with earth’s best, Skin Deep is made of Cacao, Goji,Continue reading “Bedtime Srcub”

Maca Root Morning Routine

Maca, in particular, has all sorts of beauty benefits. The Incan root—which helps calm the mind, boost stamina, and rev up sex drive—is also capable of reducing monthly breakouts, strengthening your mane, and fast-tracking collagen production. (And you thought your multi-tasking skills were on point.) It’s incredibly nutrient-dense and Maca has a lot of vitaminContinue reading “Maca Root Morning Routine”

Rainy Candle Maker

I’m about to get out here in this weather for labels for these candles since I’m in a pinch. I have switched over to using Canva for my labels because they have water proof ones and better design options then Avery. There is something sweet about a candle in a amber glass that just setsContinue reading “Rainy Candle Maker”


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Hi, I’m Tiffany Parker! Kingwood has been my home now for 26 years and I am so in love with the community. I am currently a community event organizer, I became a full-time mother and business owner in 2018. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful son and husband, I am working on Koutour Event, Coffee, Body & Soul and Parker’s Cup!

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