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Candles, chunky blankets, bath and body and coffee is what Coffee, Body and Soul is all about! All natural, handmade by myself, and all ingredients are sourced in America. My coffee and tea is sourced from all over the world through private label.

100 % Soy Wax Candles

Not only are there “green” advantages to choosing soy wax over a different type of candle wax, but soy wax also burns slower than paraffin wax, meaning you get a candle that lasts longer. While all candles emit some black soot while burning, candles made from soy wax burns cleaner and results in less soot.

Specialty Roasted Coffee

We procure, have roast and ship specialty-grade coffee from all over the world directly to you. You will find coffees from the volcanic region of Kilimanjaro, the exotic islands of Indonesia, the hazy Blue Mountain peaks of Jamaica, and all places in-between.

Using only specialty-grade, Arabica coffee beans, we have crafted a variety of coffee blends and espresso that you are sure to enjoy. We also use these same high-quality beans in our ever growing selection of flavored coffee. We have a fabulous tea selection as well. Our coffees are roasted daily and your order is guaranteed to be delivered fresh.

Butter Tumblers

Double walls to keep cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot.
Slim line design, satisfying to hold and great for kids and arthritic hands.
Splash proof screw top lids to minimize spills.

They come in different fun colors!

Chunky Knit Blankets

These giant 40×60 chunky knit blankets area must for relaxing after a long day of work, a weekend of binge watching your favorite show or a diving into a new book! The amazingly soft-to-the-touch yarn and comforting weight of a finished blanket will make this your go-to home decor item! Each blanket is hand knit and custom made just for you.

Daily Routine Videos

Body Butter Scrubs !

Our Body Butter Scrubs are made for those who’s skin craves moisture, needs some repair and help maintain your skin. Made with natures best you will find Shea butter, coconut oil, different plants and fragrance oils in each body scrub. With these scrubs you can use them all over your body including your face just make sure keep away from your eyes.

Beauty Bars !

Our beauty bars are made with Shea butter soap, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter and all natural oils and organic plants! They are great for your entire body but are best suited for your face.

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